Groovy Pop Duo for hire - Guitar, Vocals & Conga Drums

Gray & Elvis

This duo delivers a great relaxing vibe – ideal for cafes, bars and restaurants that want the music to create a relaxed and happy atmosphere that people can enjoy hanging out with their friends and family. Good mix of happy songs ranging from pop, reggae styled pop, Bossa Nova & Jazz. Live congas really make this duo groove. Gray supplies the vocals and guitar while Elvis adds conga rhythms and also plays some rhythm guitar. This is a new duo for the Sunshine Coast formed in late 2020.

Elvis Labonne

Elvis is just the best Conga Player on the Coast. Hailing from Island nation of Mauritius with its fabulous music and culture, he has bags of style for Reggae, Bossa, Pop, Funk & Jazz and is at home in any style having tons of experience playing in some of the best bands on the Coast. Elvis also plays great Jazz rhythm guitar and teams up with Gray on lead guitar for some songs. He’s a vibrant musician who makes any group he plays in sound cool.